Finding the right words…

Hello! I’m a freelance journalist and editor living in High Barnet.

Whether getting personal for Vice or talking property for Financial Times, discussing sex work for The Pool or Japanese gender inequality for Broadly, I’ll happily turn my hand to any subject.

I do have a particular interest in the people and organisations working to make the world a safer/fairer/better place. I’ve written about mental health service, Recovr, for Buzzfeed, estrangement charity, Stand Alone, for Marie Claire, and social enterprise, Signature Pictures, for The Big Issue.

I am also an experienced editor, winning a CMA for Money Matters magazine in 2014. And as a trained sub editor, I guarantee that my copy doesn’t just ‘sparkle’, but is always grammatically and factually correct.

That’s me, in a nutshell. For a more detailed look at my experience, head to my LinkedIn page.

You can also find samples of my work here, or get in touch here.



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